Dreaming Of The Maldives

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It's summer, and it's hot, but that doesn't mean I can't dream of escaping to the island of Veligandu in the Maldives. That's exactly how I've been pretending to live these last few weeks, minus the villa on the water, the beauty of white sand beaches and the seclusiveness of being on an island so private you need a 20 minute seaplane flight to get there. Ah, just imagine!

All of this imagining has me thinking of what on Earth I would bring with me to wear! So for those of you that are lucky enough to buy a plane ticket, book a villa and head out, I have the perfect wardrobe for you! I've thought of every occasion while still keeping a light suitcase for you, because I know how many things you'll want to bring back with you! Keeping in a colour theme inspired by the beaches and the water, be prepared to pack your bag now!

Soaking Up The Sun: Of course you'll be needing these essential items as you'll be laying on white sandy beaches and on the deck of your private villa! Oh, and not to mention swimming in the beautiful turquoise water! 

soak it up

soak it up

Exploring The Islands: You'll want to take up all the island has to offer, so you'll need some light but still fashionable choices, and a comfy pair of shoes! Enjoy excursions, walks along the beach, and even a sunset cruise in these interchangeable choices!
Explore 1

Explore 2

Nighttime Dinners: You're on vacation, there's no cooking involved, so that just means you'll have to go out! Dress up in some fancy clothes that allow you to still take off your shoes and run your feet through the sand, gazing up at the stars after you watch the beautiful sunset from your table!

Dress / Bag / Shoes

Blazer / Top / Shorts / Bag / Shoes

Relaxing In Your Villa: Not every moment of your travels should be spent rushing and jamming things in. Take some time to relax in your beautiful on-the-water villa and wind down. Don't stay in your pyjamas tho, you never know when you'll feel spontaneity arise!



Heading Home: By the time you're ready to head home, you'll probably be sunburnt and in complete awe of the beautiful island. All that sun will make you one very tired human, so choose some nice comfy clothes and take a nap whilst you head back to reality!
heading home
Shoes / Pants / Top / Bag

It's so nice to imagine what great trips you can take in the world, especially when it's so beautiful!

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