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I've been wanting to write this for a bit because it's been something that has become a large part of my days. Over the last few months I've been feeling more confident with sharing more of my body on the internet. Oddly enough, I've been feeling less confident in real life about my body, which I spoke about in this post here. The difference I find between the two is that if someone says something to me in person about the way I look, I have to face it directly. If someone says something online I'm allowed to have time to process their comments, and I'm able to do it without them watching me. It seems silly, but it plays a big part and it's why I've been posting more, I guess you could say, provocative pictures on Instagram.

Maybe you're reading this thinking that it's not appropriate for me to put them online, or for me to share them with essentially the world. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're reading this thinking that it's best for me to learn to accept in person commentary and not feel so insecure about it. You're probably right. Maybe you're reading this and thinking that because I'm posting these pictures I am generating a certain kind of audience and I deserve to be treated a certain way. You are wrong. 

When I share these pictures, I feel good about myself. I spend probably 24 hours or more deliberating whether or not I should post them, wondering about what kind of backlash I'll receive. As I write this a certain memory pops into mind about some former coworkers that were commenting about a fellow coworker posting bikini shots. She didn't have a fitness guru's body but she was confident at where she was, but they just completely tore her down. And in that same sense I almost wonder if they (unknowingly to me) do it to me. I know that people think when you share a picture of your body with minimal clothes on you become less "classy", less intelligent, less of a good person, and more subject to criticism. You can sit here and tell me that I'm wrong for saying people think that, but I know that I'm not.

My problem here is that people have to sexualize everything. If I am sharing a picture of myself in a bikini it's not necessarily to show off my body, it's because I really like something. This year I've bought a shit ton of bathing suits and I will be absolutely damned if no one is going to see them. Did you know as a blogger that some of the partnerships you get is because of sharing the clothes you're wearing and tagging on Instagram? Yeah, that's a thing.

Recently I purchased these really super pretty and delicate bras from this wonderful girl that I've been following on Instagram for a while now. In the package she tells you that if you post a picture of you in the items you'll receive a percentage off your next purchase, further encouraging you that you look great. I will be posting pictures of myself in these bras for 2 reasons: 1. because she has done such an incredible job at making beautiful items and deserves recognition, and 2. because I feel damn good in them after so long of absolutely hating my boobs. Under 0 circumstances do I want to hear that I should expect to get messages from guys on social media, that I should expect to be sexualized, or that I should keep that kind of stuff to myself. Because that's not okay and that's not right.

So just as a summary for the next time you see a picture of someone showing more of their body in a picture, remember that they are feeling good about themselves. Remember that they are posting that picture for them, not for you. Remember that it is okay to show these things in a non-sexual way. Remember that it is not okay for you to degrade them or make them feel less than what they are. Because we are people and we deserve to feel good about ourselves, whether it be in private or in public.

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  1. people have started to idealize the idols too much . may be we should stop and start loving ouselves more. this was a good thing to mention.


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