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Well hello there!

I've been wanting to write this for quite some time now as I'm finding it to be more of a struggle to face each day. I don't really think I've found the right words for it and how to go about it until now. I see more and more people addressing this kind of issue on all social media platforms and I just think that this is something I want to talk about for a quick minute.

Obviously this writing is coming to you thru a social media website, something the majority of the world uses to show everyone who they are, what they're doing, what they have, how they're feeling, when something is happening... essentially living via. There are tons of ways to share this information, whether it be in a sentence, pictures, videos, paragraphs, or disappearing snippets. As time has gone on, as humans have evolved, we've started to edit ourselves for these .com's. Common sense tells me that it's only natural to want to show everyone the good things, the best things, the happy things while keeping all the bad things to ourselves or our dearest friends and family. But is it really natural to alter who we are as people to make ourselves these all-loving, purely wonderful, constantly happy human beings?

I'll be the first to admit that it takes more than just a second to press the "share" button when it's something that's not positive. I'm always editing myself to present the best me there is. But something I don't do is create a whole other person so that people believe I'm someone else. I like to be the same person I am online as I am with close friends, maybe a bit funnier if I have the time to construct the correct 140 character joke. I don't change what I believe for the sake of trying to make myself a better human, I don't change my opinions to suit this perfect version of myself that some people might have of me. I refrain from saying things that I know are only going to cause problems, I refrain from sharing things that I know are only going to cause people to give me a headache. So in that sense I do edit myself, along with the pack of filters I bought because they might make my eyes bluer than they are naturally. 

But there are people I know that online will say that they don't judge others, that they love all humans regardless of whatever, that they are characteristically a certain way, that they believe in this that and the other thing, yet in person are the complete opposite. I guess because they're presented on a screen maybe that makes it okay to essentially lie about who they are, but I don't understand it. It comes off to me as though they simply just live for this online reality. Maybe they want to be the person they present online, I don't really know. 

Maybe I'm naïve for thinking that people should be who they are in front of me, everywhere. Maybe I'm naïve for believing that people are in person who they say they are online. I just don't understand where this protection of a screen comes into play as to who people are. To me it seems that instead of putting out the best version of themselves that everyone is putting out the best version of a person instead. And as someone who likes to believe that people are good whole-hearted humans until they prove me otherwise, it's becoming increasingly harder to log on. There are days when I contemplate deleting everything. There are days when maybe it just would be easier to take myself off these platforms. But then there are days when I write something like this that I want to get across and people tell me that they resonate with what I'm saying that makes the negativity go away. 

Right now, the struggle to overcome this overwhelming sense of confusion weighs a lot on my mind. It's affecting my belief in good people, it's affecting how I interact with people, it's affecting whether or not I want to keep writing and promoting that writing. I guess in this perfect world in my head everyone would just be who they are, there would be no bullshitting or need to lie. Unfortunately that world exists solely in my head. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you have to change who you are to be good online, maybe you should change who you are in person too. And maybe, if you're like me and want to believe in the good in people, just log off every once in a while.

Until next time...
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